Our core businesses are Mobile Content (carrier billing) and Dating Offers, many of them in-house and exclusive.

We can work on CPA, CPL, CPS and Revenue Share.

Traffic can be sent directly to our Offer Links or through our Smartlinks where we’ll take care of the optimization for you.

We started in 2013 as the first digital nomad network, now we are 50 piums and we continue to grow every day.

Our HQs are in Lisbon, but we also have offices in Buenos Aires, Sao Paulo and Madeira.

Every single offer we get comes straight from the direct Advertiser or is developed in-house, and they are all –with no exception– tested by our internal Media Buying team, which gives us a big advantage compared to other networks.

We also have a large Sales team that is working hand in hand with the Advertisers in order to take advantage of all the industry opportunities and share them with our partners.

Yes of course, you can usually meet us at Affiliate Summit, Affiliate World, Mobile World Congress, The European Summit, DMEXCO, World Telemedia, Clickbid; just to name the most important ones.

You can check the next shows we’ll attend at MOBIPIUM Website or at Dashboard if you already have an account with us.

If you are attending any of these shows, don’t hesitate and schedule a meeting with your AM, we will be glad to meet you in person!


You have 2 different ways to check the best performing offers of the moment.

  • You can find our TOP5 of the week sorted by performance at the Dashboard.
  • Also, at the Market, you can check the best offers (real time updated) using the filter “Order by Revenue”, this will show you the most profitable offers first.

As you know, we have a lot of partners sending traffic from different sources, sometimes with below-average quality. This can result in some statistical distortions and that’s why we prefer not to share KPI’s like CR and eCPM; because they won’t be trustworthy.

Of course, we have a large Sales team in contact with most of the advertisers in the market to look for it.

You only have to reach out to your AM with the information and we will fetch it for you; remember we are always available to help you grow.

It is possible that some categories are not available for your account yet, so get in touch with your AM and check if you can apply to start working with them.

Inside each offer you will find the button <SETUP CAMPAIGN> on the bottom side of the site.

After clicking, you will have to agree with the “Accepted traffic and regulations” and the platform will automatically generate a unique tracking link for you to start delivering traffic.

MOBIPIUM gives you access to their best selection of PreLPs, already tested by our Media Buying team and ready to easily set them up.

In order to use a PreLP, you just need to select which one you want at the Campaign Setup and then click <SETUP CAMPAIGN> to generate the link.

In case you want to use a specific LP that you can’t find at our repository, please get in touch with your AM to integrate that LP with our Tech team assistance.

Affiliates will be able to generate most of the Offer links by their own, but there will be some cases that first have to go by an approval process, you will notice this because there will be a <REQUEST APPROVAL> instead of a <SETUP CAMPAIGN> button.

Once you submit your request, our Sales team will review it and give you feedback via email as soon as possible.

In the section Smartlinks you will find all the available options.

To set them up, you just have to click on the <SETUP SMARTLINK> button, chose a name and the platform will automatically generate a unique tracking link where you can start delivering traffic.

Just go to My Campaigns and you will be able to check all the tracking links that were generated.

You can also check the stats, edit the name or delete that specific campaign you created.

You can reset it in a simple way using just your email here.


You just need to select the temporal mirror that will be used to compare with today’s results, once you do it, just click on <GO> and all results will be automatically updated.

On the top right you will be able to have quick overview of the Clicks, Conversions, Revenue, ECPM and CR.

Revenue is always selected as default, but if you click on any of those options, the Top Fluctuations and Hour Evolution information will change.

Also, you will be able to change the data displayed directly from the Hour Evolution graphic.

Is pretty simple and really useful, you just need to select which information you want to compare defining the period1 and period2; and then how you want to display it.

Once you click on <COMPARE>, all the information will be shown in a new table under the filters, enjoy!


MOBIPIUM’s reporting servers are located in Portugal, so, the stats are in GMT+1 and they are updated every 15 minutes.

"Stage" is used to identify what happens with every click you send: it can go straight to the final offer, or it can be blocked for many different reasons. Here we describe them all:

  • Straight to Offer: Clicks that are correctly redirected to the final offer.
  • Targeting Block: Clicks blocked due a different targeting from the offer description.
  • Offer Status Block: Clicks blocked because the offer has been cancelled or blocked.
  • Leads CAP Block: Clicks blocked because you have already reached the offer CAP.
  • Time Frame Block: Click blocked because they don’t match with the time frame of the offer description.
  • Clicks CAP Block: Clicks blocked due a high number of clicks without conversions.
  • PubID Block: Sometimes we block specific PubIDs from our side and those clicks are blocked too.

Yes, of course, just apply (or not) the filters you want and then hit on the Excel icon. It will give you 3 different download options:

  • Basic Report
  • PubIDs Report
  • Hour Report


We pay via Wire Transfer (including SEPA transfers), PayPal, Paxum, Payoneer, Webmoney, Crypto and Capitalist. Our terms are flexible: monthly invoicing and NET30 payments are set by default but we offer faster terms to our trusted partners.

Please contact your AM to see in detail how to improve your conditions.

Yes! Find the requirements below:

For companies:

  • Completed and signed MOBIPIUM IO.
  • Certificate of Tax Residence.

For individuals:

  • Completed and signed MOBIPIUM IO.
  • Picture of your Document ID / Passport.

Please send these documents to your AM along with your first invoice to avoid any delays on the payments.

Yes, there is, and here you can check the conditions:

  • Wire Transfer: Starting on USD500 – no limit.
  • Paypal/Paxum/Payoneer/Webmoney/Capitalist/Crypto: Starting on USD100 – no limit.

If you don’t reach the minimum for your payment method, you can choose a different one or just wait until your pending invoices overpass the minimum required.

In case you are not working with MOBIPIUM anymore and want to cash out, there is no minimum for Paypal, Paxum, Payoneer, Webmoney, Crypto or Capitalism.

When the billing period ends, you have to get in touch with your AM and confirm the revenue you’ve generated.

Once you have your AM's confirmation you need to send the invoice as soon as you can. This is because the NET payment period will start counting from the moment we get your valid invoice.

Remember that billing periods and NET conditions will vary depending on the deal you have with MOBIPIUM.

All invoices must include the following information (download an example here).

  • Invoice number (example, #2)
  • Invoice date
  • Due date (x days after the invoicing date, depending on your deal with MOBIPIUM)
  • Your company legal name or your full name
  • Your company address (including ZIP code and country)
  • For crypto payments bill to:

       Mobipium, Lda.
       Rua da Figueira Preta 17, Piso 1
       9054-529 Funchal
       VAT Number: PT510555730

  • For the rest of the payment methods bill to:

       Adspassport, Lda.
       Avenida Arriaga 42 B, Edificio Arriaga, 2 Andar, Número 5
       9000-064 Funchal
       VAT Number: PT513792570

  • Service Date Detail
  • Revenue generated from xx/xx/xxxx to xx/xx/xxxx according to MOBIPIUM's Stats
  • Your Bank Account/Paypal ID/Paxum ID/Payoneer ID/Webmoney ID/Capitalist ID/Crypto Wallet

You can generate it in any invoice generator, for example in this one: https://invoice-generator.com/

Please send an email to your AM with the subject "INVOICE | Month | Company Name" with your invoice on a PDF file.

Make sure you include all the required information on the e-mail and invoice. All incomplete e-mails will be disregarded by our Accounting Team and this might cause delays on your payment.

If you didn’t receive your payment, you can check the status in Payments.

Remember some payment methods can suffer delays and also have in mind that we have two payment cycles scheduled every week. This means that the due date you see in our system can vary one or two days from the actual one.

  • Wire transfer: 1 – 10 business days.
  • Paypal/Paxum/Payoneer/Webmoney/Crypto/Capitalist: Same day.

If all the invoice information is correct and the payment is taking more time than the mentioned above, you can always contact your AM for further clarifications.

Of course, you just need to go to Account Settings and you will be able to update almost all your personal and payments information.


We use S2S integration and you can set up your callback URL with detailed extra information at Pixel in our platform.

The first step is adding your callback URL and set the placeholders as the value of the parameters you wish to receive on your callback.

These placeholders will be automatically replaced by the real values of each transaction.

All placeholders are optional, you can use as many of our standard placeholders as you want and name the parameters the way you prefer.

Once you finish the integration, you are ready to go! Just remember to add your tracking to the offer URL.

For example, https://xxxxx.mobipiumlink.com/?mob=yyyyy&click_id={yourtracker}.

We can handle up to 4 different variables, you just need to add them at the second field with "," separation. Then, you can get back this information on your callback using {tid}, {tid1}, {tid2} or {tid3}.

Yes, also at Pixel in the last field you can set any parameters you want.

For example, if you set visitor_id={subid}&pub_id={sourceid}, every time you generate a new campaign URL it will be like:


Yes, we are able to work with API integration but first you need to get in touch with your AM in order to activate it.

Once your API has been activated, you just need to go to API and get your token key.